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A holiday or a short break at Doherty Farm Holiday Homes on Island Roy in Mulroy Boy, County Donegal will set you up for the winter.

Situated right on the Shorefront at Island Roy, in Mulroy Bay, County Donegal , are 4 well placed and relaxing Self Catering Cottages run by Paddy Doherty, who in himself is a breather of fresh air, when you get to know him, steeped in Local History, he is joy to visit.

The Cottages are located in a restful setting where you can take a Mug of Tea/Coffee or a Glass of wine and sit on the rocky shoreline taking in all that Good Donegal clear Fresh Sea Air. Talk about a view, this is not a sea view as they are so often described, ie something that is miles away and yet described as a sea view! you know? (a marketing Licence), No this is the real thing 40 yards from the actual Sea.

You are within 10 minutes’ drive of the most fantastic sandy beaches that goes on for miles, the best beaches that Donegal has to offer, awesome. Make sure that you spend time walking the beaches and go up into the mountains for a stroll.

Returning to relax in the spacious cottages and unwind in the Sauna’s, each cottage has one.

You might want to swim among the seaweed, so refreshing and detoxing to the body! Remember that Mulroy Bay is always a few degree’s warmer than the beaches on the Downing’s side of the Rosguill Peninsula.  Entrance for your swim is via the Island Roy

Eating out is excellent in this area as all the restaurants and eateries are always a topic of conversation with highly praised feedback on the quality of the food.

Holidays should be a restful experience as we spend our working life under pressure. The cottages ideally placed to allow you restful views as you watch the rest of the world go by from a distance.  The high quality of the sea air provides you with that stress detox allowing the body to relax, providing you with a good night’s sleep necessitating that calming effect.

Donegal  is noted as a calming county, time almost stops, Donegal has a time of its own almost, i.e. one hour later than anywhere else, that’s Donegal Time, life seems to slow down or even standstill,

Do not hurry, Donegal people express time as plentiful, and a gift from God to Enjoy.

While helping yourself you are also helping your family and life once again becomes enjoyable.

That is exactly what you will receive at Doherty Farm Holiday Homes the enjoyment of simple Irish Island Life!

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